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You have something to sell? We have the platform.

Automate sales and more. Connect with affiliates. Grow your business.

Perfect for

  • Information product manufacturers
  • Online course creators
  • E-book authors
  • Coaches
  • Software developer
  • Event hosts: artists, educators & life changers
  • Vendors of physical products

Our system will automate your online business, connecting you with our partner network. You will scale your business to any size and  remain focused on your core competence: Your product.


How Svencart works for you

Step one

Register at Svencart.

Step two

Set up your product easily.

Step three

Offer your product at our market place and let professional marketers sell it for you.

Step four

Get paid. On time. Every time.

Generate more revenue with Svencart

We automate your business

We take care of your sales, invoices, affiliate and partnership accounting, integration with payment services, memberships... and more!

Our affiliates promote your product

Benefit from our globally growing affiliate network (rapidly expanding in the US).

100% safe order & payment

Your clients will have a safe and pleasant order experience with our customizable shopping carts.

Expand your business worldwide

Our international affiliate network will market your product all around the globe. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Build and optimize your sales funnel

We provide you with the latest performance marketing tools like one-click upsells, split-tests and more.

Use your favorite apps & services

We ensure seamless integration with popular services like ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Zapier and many more.

What you get at one glance

Conversion tools like the Conversion Cockpit to optimize your sales process

Conversion-optimized & customizable shopping carts

Automated invoicing, taxation & refund management

Access to many of the payment systems your clients use

Recurring profits from subscription products

Worldwide growing affiliate marketplace

Automated product delivery

One-click upsells to multiply your revenue

Popular payment models like instalment and subscription payments


"I started off with digital products and developed my first software to automate my own sales. Today this software is Germany's leading automation & affiliate marketing platform, rapidly growing in the US.

Now I live my dream - enabling entrepreneurs like you to focus on your growth and the important things in life.

Rest assured that we take care of your business with German accuracy and punctuality.

I stand for that with my name."

Sven Platte

Founder and CEO of Svencart,
Serial IT Entrepreneur

"When I expanded my business overseas with Sven's software solutions, I was ignited to provide American entrepreneurs with the best IT-products the global market has to offer. 

As online vendor I know from own experience how complicated technology and endless tasks slow down your growth. This is why we provide you a reliable platform on world's safest servers.

German engineering combined with US marketing innovation and international affiliates will grow your business on the international scale."

Francis Wolff

CEO Svencart US

Your Customers' Journey at Svencart

Your prospect sees an ad and clicks

...reaches your sales pages and clicks "Buy now"

...buys your products via conversion-optimized Svencart order form

...receives the purchased products via Svencart


We take care of technology and your business processes like sales, bookkeeping and more. This way you gain precious time to focus on your business and the really important things in life.

Svencart sells your products on your behalf. That means, we take care of your sales while you take care of your business.

It's risk-free! We only earn money, when you earn money. This is why we care about your success and provide you the newest and best marketing tools.

Correct! You don't pay a dime for our services until you make sales.

The margin of Svencart for each sale amounts to 1€ + 7,9% of the gross price. A small price for the freedom to scale your business.

You can sell your digital products and services, physical products, online courses, software, online games, e-books, online and offline events.

MLM, network marketing.

We accept payment through VISA and MasterCard.

Generating revenue on autopilot was never easier

Register today and let us automate your business.