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How you earn money with Svencart

Step one

Register at Svencart.

Step two

Select a product from the Marketplace.

Step three

Promote the product to your audience.

Step four

Earn profits.

US marketing innovation meets German engineering

High-converting digital & physical products from trusted vendors

Reliable and fast payouts

Up to 70% and more in commission

Recurring revenue from subscription products

Globally growing marketplace

One-click upsells to multiply your revenue and provide added value to your audience

Server-to-Server Postback tracking to ensure that your ad spend pays off

Statistics with key data like conversion rate, earnings per sale, cancellation rate and more

Free marketing materials like banners, e-mails, social media posts and more


"Enabling entrepreneurs like you to grow their successful online business is my driving force. It already turned all of my other IT-products to Europe's leading software-solutions with over 250 million dollars in sales in 2019. This market and IT know-how is the guarantee for Svencart's quality.

With us, you will focus on your growth and the important things in life. Rest assured that we take care of your business with German reliability.

I stand for that with my name."

Sven Platte

Founder and CEO of Svencart,
Serial IT Entrepreneur

"When I expanded my business overseas with Sven's software solutions, I was ignited to provide American entrepreneurs with the best IT-products the global market has to offer. 

I know how growth is slalled by complicated technology and endless tasks. This is why we take tasks off of your hands.

Grow your business on the international scale with German engineering and US marketing innovation."

Francis Wolff

CEO Svencart US


No! Our service is completely free, no hidden costs, no nonsense.

For each sale Svencart charges the vendor 1€ + 7,9% of the gross price.

1. Register at Svencart.
2. Select a product at our Maketplace, a promotional link will be generated automatically.
3. Promote the product to your audience using the promotional link.
4. Start earning up to 70% and more commission right away..

You can select weekly, biweekly or monthly payments.

Yes! As a reseller, we are responsible for your payments. We guarantee that you will receive your money reliably and timely.

Our tracking is cookie-based per default (Last Cookie Wins) - rest assured, that your efforts will be rewarded. But we also offer server postback and multi device tracking, so that you can track the success of your campaigns.

Our cookies work 180 days. That means, that you will receive your commission even then, when the client buys within 180 days after visiting the website for the last time.

- We continuously optimize the conversion rate of our order forms.
- We also offer one-click upsells and cross-selling, so that you can significantly increase your revenue per customer.
- Our statistics allow a comprehensive analysis of your campaigns.
-But most important, we offer you the best-selling products in the industry!

Yes! This is a commercial activity by law which must be declared. Please ask your local tax accountant for further details.

You will find the perfect products for your audience by browsing our 4marketplace. Transparently displayed product key data like earnings per sell, conversion rate, cancellation rate and more will help you to make the right decision.

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