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The Most Robust, Full-Featured Platform for CBD Brands and Entrepreneurs.

  • CBD Merchant Processing 
  • Industry-Leading eCommerce Tools 
  • Grow your CBD business

Svencart makes selling CBD online a seamless experience

  • Tinctures
  • Isolates
  • Edibles & Drinks
  • Topical Creams
  • Concentrates & Vaporizers

Entrepreneurs in the hemp and CBD industry face tremendous challenges that traditional companies don’t face: unclear vendor policies, ambiguous compliance rules, and unwarranted contract terminations. 

Svencart gives you a reliable way to sell CBD products online while offering your customers a delightful shopping experience.

What can Svencart do for your CBD business?

  • Set up & automate your complete sales funnel
  • Earn more than you spend with split tests & conversion tools
  • Scale your business with automated accounting, refund & affiliate management

For vendors

We automate your sales and more. Our affiliates promote your products. You grow your business. Don't pay us a dime until you make a sale.

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For affiliate partners

Grow your business with commissions up to 70% on our marketplace. We pay you weekly with the utmost accuracy. It's 100% free for you.

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Increase your sales conversion rates

Sell more with Svencart

  • We optimize your conversions
  • Industry-Leading Sales Tools
  • One-click upsells​
  • Real-time split tests of your entire sales funnel​
  • Fully customizable shopping carts​

Sell more with us

Huge affiliate marketplace

  • CBD-friendly affiliate marketplace
  • Growing affiliate network
  • For vendors: The marketing power of hand-selected affiliates will market your products to massive audiences
  • For affiliates: Up to 70% and more in commissions with conversion-optimized products​ 

Work less with us

Complete Reseller Service

  • Automated sales
  • Fraud prevention
  • Refund management
  • Secure payment processing​

Work less with us

We automate your business

Here are a few of the things we do for you:

  • Invoicing
  • Taxation
  • Customer support
  • Shipping data transfer
  • Memberships
  • Commission allocation
  • Ticketing
  • ...and more!​


US marketing innovation meets German engineering

High-tech software built by the most innovative engineers

Our German in-house team of 30+ IT professionals continuously develops our software according to German quality standards.

World's safest servers

Benefit from our powerful, fail-safe and hack-proof servers with an uptime of 100% (check our status page). Your business is safe with us.

100% compilant with GDPR

We take privacy seriously. For you and your clients. We work to the highest privacy and security standards like GDPR.

"Our e-commerce tools have helped thousands of entrepreneurs all over Europe grow thriving online businesses, to the tune of $250 million dollars in total sales in 2019. Now, we’ve brought that same cutting-edge technology to the U.S. CBD market, so that you can experience the ease and reliability that entrepreneurs all over the world trust us for. 

With Svencart, you can focus on the growth of your business while we take care of everything else. 

I back up that promise with my name.

Sven Platte

Founder and CEO of Svencart,
Serial IT Entrepreneur

"When I expanded my business overseas with Sven's software solutions, I was excited to provide American CBD entrepreneurs with the best IT-products the global market has to offer. 

I understand the challenges hemp-based businesses face when scaling. That’s why we created a platform that’s reliable and consistent so that you can focus on the business without worrying about the nuts and bolts."

Francis Wolff

CEO Svencart US

Your Customers' Journey at Svencart

Your prospect sees an ad and clicks

...reaches your sales pages and clicks "Buy now"

...buys your products via conversion-optimized Svencart order form

...receives the purchased products via Svencart


Are you a vendor?
- We take business processes like sales, bookkeeping and more off your hands.
- You gain precious time to focus on your business and the important things in life.
- We take care of payments.
- We provide you world's safest servers.
- It's risk free. You only pay as a small share after you make sales.
Are you an affiliate?
- We provide you a globally growing marketplace.
- You earn up to 70% and more in comissions.
- We pay you weekly and accurately.
- It's 100% free for you.

Svencart sells your products on your behalf. That means, we take care of your sales while you take care of your business.

Yes! We don't charge our vendors until they make sales. Our margin is just 1€ + 7,9% of the gross price. A small price for the freedom to scale your business. We don't charge our affiliates at all.

Digital products and services, physical products, online courses, software, online games, e-books, online and offline events.

MLM, network marketing.

We accept payment through VISA and MasterCard.

More Sales. Less Work.

Register today and grow your CBD business while we take care of your back office.